About Medimscience

Hangzhou Medimscience Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on drug development targeting new macrophage targets and macrophages in the tumor immune microenvironment, which is a new trend and strategy for the next generation of immunotherapy. We have developed a series of innovative drug pipelines mainly for autoimmune diseases such as enteritis and cold tumors with high macrophage infiltration. Our strategy is to develop drugs with novel mechanisms of action to treat drug-resistant autoimmune diseases. We are also focused on developing antibody drugs to treat solid cold tumors that do not respond to PD-1, including bowel cancer, liver cancer, and gliomas. We are also developing combination strategies, including combination with chemotherapy, anti-PD-1 antibody or antibody–drug conjugates, which can provide better synergistic anti-tumor effects, generate sustained immune memory, and prevent tumor metastasis and recurrence.

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